IB's Stubborn Defendants

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  1. Why do I see many stubborn defendants on the following review section?

    Why can't we have a meaningful, intelligent and smooth conversation?


    My guesses are:

    * IB has managed to build a cult like community for their (similar to one that exists for APPLE's products) --- good for their business.
    * These people are working for IB and just doing their job by defending the broker's rating.

    Anyone with me on this feeling?

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    No? What's your problem with IB? I'm a happy customer.
  3. What alternative do you have for a better multi-asset multi-currency brokerage, same or better fees and shortable book?

    Thank you. Case closed.
  4. There are always good and bad stuffs in everything and guess people have right to complain about things they don't like. It is not good to offend people by calling them stupid or something like that for doing show.

    Anyway, good luck with your IB :)

    Thanks for your time.

  5. People are more likely to complain about something if there's a problem than to praise it if things are going well.

    I haven't had a problem with IB. Their interface takes some getting used to, but their fills, products and cost can't be beat by my observation.

    I could see that some people may have issues with IB's customer service; that's the main complaint I hear. There are people out there that, by their nature, require lots of hand-holding. If that's the case, you'll have some real problems with IB.

    I'm very tempted to open a separate account with TOS because I trade options. TOS has an incredible platform for options trading. That's the only reason I'd consider "straying from the fold." LOL
  6. sudhaker, you didn't give an answer to this question? Please give a specific answer.
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    Most of IB criticism comes from noobs, crooks, and the lazy who have the audacity to post disparaging remarks.

    You will note that professional or valid criticism leads not only to valid discourse but in some cases the resolution of a problem.
  8. I am happy with IB and trading with them since 10 years now.

    There will always be a certain amount of traders beeing unhappy with their broker because you can't design a user interface that is easy enough for them to understand and use. Or they simply want to blame their own faults on the broker, who knows.
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    Sudhaker.....Date Registered 01-08-09.

    Starts a thread on 02-05-09 trying to bash IB because he suspects people who defend IB on ET are working for them.

    You sure you're not working for someone???
  10. Exactly. Like any broker, there is always room for improvement. But try to find another broker with IB's strength, commish, markets, technology, easy to use API, etc, etc, etc...

    IB is a damn good broker.
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