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  1. Hi,

    I kinda remember reading this somewhere how you can configure IB's smart router where you can set primary destinations. I'd like to park my orders on ARCA vs. parking them 100% of the time on NYSE. This is for API

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  3. thank you for that window. mine doesn't offer that many options however what is FWB & SWB I've never seen that
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    i have no options either. i really like to disable smart itself and route my orders only to island or arca
  5. Bob don't you agree how it is ridicluous how they "route to the BEST" exchange, however if you trade an NYSE stock, 100% of the time, if you park the order it parks it on NYSE. I don't think it's ever parked elsewhere
  6. i just called and they said that for the option for SMART routing, that the 3rd column "exchange" is only for euro stocks. He stated there is NO WAY to make the SMART router have any bias with regard to routing to a specific exchange