IB's Screwed Up Quotes

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Catoosa, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Catoosa


    It never fails: When there is breaking news and the market trade volume takes off, IB's equity quotes get all screwed up and are unusable. I have been using IB for more than 3 years and this problem has never been corrected. IB will blame it on ARCA or another ECN quotes for screwing up their SMART, but that is not the cause of the problem. I have RealTick running side by side with TWS and their is nothing wrong or crossed up with any of the ECN quotes shown on RealTick. This morning there was good war news. I am trying to trade LLTC and I can forget it. It slows down my reaction time to try and trade using TWS to place the order while having to get the correct current market from RealTick.

    In March of 2002 I was asked by IB to work with IB's technical staff to help solve this problem. To this day the problem has not been corrected. The same market conditions are causing the same symptoms with TWS. IB is still "on the cheap" and will not do what ever is required to fix this problem.

  2. flea


    I agree 100% this most definitely cost me money today as stops I had on the system haven't triggered because of crossed quotes:( Trading is a big enough challenge without this crap
  3. JORGE


    Now I am getting filled on orders 5 min after the price moved past my limit order.
  4. mskl


    Island quotes are screwed up now - very difficult to trade.

    An easy solution for IB would to identify immediately a quote issue and simply stop sending these incorrect quotes via SMART.

    There must be a way to identify "a quote issue" as soon as it happens.
  5. JORGE


    From what I can tell, do not use smart order routing and do not put in stops. IB is a mess today
  6. nitro


    Only equties seem affected - both NAZ and NYSE. ES/NQ seem ok.

  7. please excuse my ignorance but my futures quotes are always good...... do the quote systems for futures and stocks run differently from IB to our computers??
  8. If past experience is any indication, ARCA has several quote connections and apparently RealTick gets the good ones, and IB gets access to less quality connections. If I were to guess, I would guess that ARCA is the source of the problem, not IB. If IB were so bad, why don't the Island and Instinet quotes get messed up routinely too?

    IB needs to be able to shut down quotes from specific ECNs on a moment's notice though. Today is ridiculous. I really despise ARCA - it is pathetic.

  9. JORGE


    At the very least IB could notify us in a timely manner which systems were working so I would not have to try several ECN's every time I enter a trade.
  10. Momento


    I am surprised that QDZ is not here to bash IB yet... :p

    Patiently waiting for his comment... (this trading week had made me develop alot alot fo patience...):(
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