IB's quote limitation of 100??

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  1. IB customer service just said there is a limit of 100 quotes. They allow 50 quotes per page, and allow 26 pages, but only a total of 100 quotes!! ...which means 4 quotes per page. Is this information correct??

    Is it also true there are NEVER exceptions, other than the slow increase you get (e.g. to 105 the next month) based upon a certain minimum volume?
  2. IF the above is true, is there not a service one can subscribe to which would enable more quotes? If yes, would this come out on the TWS pages?
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    Yes quote limit is based on commissions generated. But if you do good volume, say 4k a month, that's 500 quotes, 8k is 1000, etc.

    I think what they are doing is discouraging the passive account holder. It appears with the push toward prime accounts and raising account minimums, the shareholders want more revenue in the form of commissions.

    Also, if not mistaken but never tried myself, can't you use 3rd party vendor quotes with TWS, like E-Signal quotes?

  4. "Yes quote limit is based on commissions generated. But if you do good volume, say 4k a month, that's 500 quotes, 8k is 1000, etc."

    But I thought when you jump to a new page, then the system will automatically "wake up" and display the quotes on the page you jump to?--while reducing the quotes from the other pages??
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    Incorrect; you have a limit on the amount of simultaneous streaming quotes, which means we don't count tickers on the pages that are not currently shown
  6. That's what I thought. But it seems that this has not been happening by us.
    Could it be that placing 60 quotes on a page instead of up to 50 will make the system go a little bonkers (i.e. a bunch of question marks), and then you won't get the 50 on the current page?
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    And on the other hand..............if you are trading something without getting any quotes from IB,they warn you this is a very dangerous thing to do.:confused:
  8. It seems I found half of the problem. When using Quotein on Excel, the problem started. When changing the data feed away from IB to another data provider and then when closing & clearing Quotein off of my tool bar, the problem mostly corrected. Now it shows maybe 35 quotes. Before I was getting as few as 6 quotes on a given page.

    Based on what Dst is saying, one should be getting 50 quotes for each page that one flips to.