IB's Pinks, OTC & Nasdaq Level II Pricing

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by cscott, Mar 21, 2007.

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    IB charges $20/mo. for Level II, plus $2.50/mo. for pink/OTC data, for a total of $22.50/mo. I just noticed that Quotestream charges only $9.95/mo. for all of it.

    If that is correct, then I wonder if others have noticed that IB charges more than double the amount of Quotestream for the same data for pinks, OTC & Level 2.
  2. AFAIK IB just hands over the costs that the exchangers charge. They are not in the business of quote-selling. Unlike Quotestream, who is; I would take a hard look at the content of both packages and compare them side by side. You can click on the stream in IB and have it on tomorrow.

  3. cscott


    Then why would IB charge its loyal customers more than double what they[IB] are paying for this data? It just looks like another way for IB to make money off of its customers.
  4. What a novel idea!! "Make money off its customers"!?

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    LOL, Allen. Of course, IB can make money however it sees fit. I have no problem with that. I just discovered that I can save money by using Quotestream to get the same data, and wanted to make others aware of it that may be interested. Who knows, there may even be some place cheaper than Quotestream for LevelII, BB, and Pink data.
  6. Well, they are in the business of making money.

    Try a 3rd party Data package...

    DTN real time starts at $50, then $3.00 exchange fee for each exchange, then $10.00 for level 2.

    So off the rip I am at $69.00 for Real time Data

    IB's rate is $30 (waived) + $20 so in essence all you pay is $20.00

    Then I pay $54 for CBOT data, which is free via IB. (Of course I use 3rd Party charting....)

    Get the idea....

    So in essence if you are trading enough (just 30 trades each month,) you are only paying $20.00 for Quotes... Not bad at all.

    Of course if I wanted to use my 3rd Party charting with IB, I'd save about $134.00 per month......
  7. Really? On Quotestream's web site, the price list says $9.95 gets you delayed quotes. Real-time level I is $15 more, real-time level I for pink sheets is $3 more, level II Nasdaq is $15 more, level II pink sheets is $12 more. (Level II charges are in addition to Level I charges).
  8. Maybe IB doesn't or maybe it isn't the same package.
    I think you need to do more accurate research before coming here dropping one-liners.