IB's paper trading can't process order

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jetq, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. jetq


    every time when I placed an order on IB's paper trading through market data line, booktrade or third party software, paper trading TWS takes forever to process order, user interface is extremely sluggish, actually I can never see order clearly showed up, the page with order in and pending page is extremely slow, other page works fine as long as no order.

    I'm using paper trading account to test some strategy, daren't use real account, but this problem destroys the purpose of paper trading, have entered several web tickets with no answer,
    anybody else see this problem? anyone from IB can help me?

  2. Bob111


    same here
  3. What version; never had that problem. User-interface behaves exactly the same in both real- and paper-account. Only diff is that with limit orders the simulation wants the opposite bid/ask to come towards you, so no simulation of queued bookorders.

  4. jetq


    hi, Ursa,

    TWS is 873.3, java is 1.6.0_01 on windows XP sp2.
    problem is still there for me, wondering if java version is not right, could you let know what version of TWS and java you use?

    thanks a lot


  5. gkishot


    I second your complaints about IB paper trading account but regardless you have to use IB TWS with Java version 1.5.11.
  6. Bob111


    regardless to TWS or java version. i'm having this issue from day ,when paper accounts are introduced. there is many more with fills ,but they beyond this tread.
    for me, the difference between IB paper and real trading is 1/10. that is, in reality i got filled very rarely,1 out of 10 in winning trade and on paper-all the time.
    talking about massive nasdaq trading,where multiple positions can be executed during the day, not one or two manual trades. and not something liquid like futures or QQQQ. paper account is joke, one step above IB demo.
    to OP-i would rather trade small size, than paper.
  7. My IB real and paper accounts behave exactly the same, never had a problem with slow fills. Although I noticed that the charts page on my XP standalone version of TWS was a bit slow around 6pm EST. All morning and early afternoon the charts were fine on TWS Java running on Linux.
  8. jetq


    Just let you guys know how I solved this problem, I uninstalled both java and TWS, delete the whole c:\jts\ directory, then reinstalled it, it's fine now. hope this is helpful

  9. I get it too and I'm still trying to figure it out. I think it has something to do with running TWS twice on the same machine or even different machines with same account. I like to do real trades + sim trades. I'm still trying to figure it out.