IB's option commission raised?

Discussion in 'Options' started by trader198, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. I bought NBG calls this morning, per contract costs $79.3/50=$1.55

    that is a lot! normally 100lot cost that much!
  2. One thing I have found helpful is to change the option routing preference to SMART Rebate (in case you are not already using it).
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    I have been trading SPY options for about a month now, and the highest per contract I have seen so far is 1.22. I believe the equity option market has gotten so fragmented (like stocks) that we have to use Smart routing to get adequate liquidity. If you can, try posting bids or offers to collect a rebate.
  4. any idea about option price per tick

    most options increase/decreas price per tick is $0.01

    but what the heck of some per tick is $0.05.

    like NBG, a penny stock, its option per tick is $0.05, kind of unreasonable.
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    The standard rule used to be .05 ticks on options below 3 and .10 ticks on options above 3. A few years ago a penny pilot program was started to have option tick prices in pennies. Over the years it has grown to include many stocks. Here is a list to all the stocks in the penny pilot program (there is a cvs file at the top of the link)
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    like other former IB users, I suggest open an account with TOS, IB account holders get $1.20 / leg. Try there paper account, it is in a different league for option traders
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    At IB what you pay for execution consists of 3 parts:
    - commission due to IB
    - exchange fee or rebate
    - regulatory fee

    You submitted your liquidity taking order at the time when ARCA was the only exchange at the NBBO. ARCA charges 82cents per contract for taking liquidity (in that option class), assuming that you are a customer (as opposed to firm, mm, bd, ...). If other exchanges (e.g. CBOE) were at the NBBO as well, you would have paid a lower or zero exchange fee.

    Alternatively, if you submitted your order as a liquidity providing order that betters the NBBO, you could have earned an exchange rebate of 75cents per contract.
  8. Do you get the "adding liquidity" rebate only if your order gets executed while it is still the sole NBBO? If an option is at $3.00x$3.20 and I put in an order to buy at $3.10 and some MM's then move their bids to $3.10 and some of their orders get filled and eventually my order gets filled, do I get the "adding liquidity" rebate?
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    You get the rebate irrespective of whether you are alone at the NBBO.