IB's new Index Numbers - DISSERVICE TO TRADERS???

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jimclark, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. I understand IB is trying to make connecting secure and authorized but I think it's getting a bit combersome putting the number...plust I have to carry an extra card if connecting remotely.

    What dayaaya think??
  2. JackR


    They've offered an "Opt-Out" option for the security token system for those that wish to accept the risk. I'd check with IB to see if the same is true for the index number method.

  3. kbehr


    My understanding is that it will be required eventually.
  4. maxpi


    You will change your thinking if you get hacked. I was using an auction sniping service and somebody was able to hack them and get info to get into my ebay account and start selling all sorts of non-existant Ipods. Ebay security caught it and put the kaibosh on the whole thing but I am locked out of ebay and can't get back in to change my identifiers. I lost no money but it was a very nice little wake up call. I don't have that much with IB but if I could opt in to the additional security I would do it.
  5. wxkid23


    It doesn't bother me that bad...

    If it adds security (very important) and isn't too much of a hassle im all for it.
  6. just spoke to IB - there is no option of opting out unless you are using some 3rd party API integration...integrating with IB.

    Otherwise it's mandadory...