IB's new commercial - "Join the 1%"

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  1. no kidding, I've always been very happy with IB, I like my anonymity. I can't think of a worse commercial. and I always feel if the buttheads that run a company can't design a good ad, that tells me a lot about the company.

    One of the best new ads is the Italian Lady Fiat ad.

    The worst ads are usually McDonalds or Dr Pepper

    so I guess that tells you that my opinions of ads don't mean much

    this one really makes you feel bad about being a long time satisfied IB customer
  2. So you are suggesting that a better message would be "join Interactive Brokers and wallow in despair and poverty with the 99%"?

    And let's be accurate and realize the falsoe distinction between the "1% and the 99%."

    There are the 1% of top earners/wealth builders.

    Then, scattered throughout the remaining 99% are the 19% of the population that aspires to the 1% and are willing to work hard and smart to rise to the 1%. IB's market are people located within that 19%. Why tailor an ad to the 80% who are either happy with their lot or worse, an ad to placate that portion of the 80% who are not willing to work to better their lot but expect a better lot to be handed to them?
  3. I'll never eat at a McDonalds no matter how classy their ad is. The quality of the ad doesn't tell you anything about the product, but it does tell you about the quality of the people running the firm. So all I know viewing the IB ad is the quality of the firm has really gone down hill. It's not that they need a new ad agency, it's that they need a new leader who understands this ad is crap. (and he even sent out a private message to all account holders bragging about it.)
  4. No, you're totally missing the point. It's not the reality of who has wealth and who doesn't. Obviously anyone who invests or trades does so to increase their wealth. Duh.

    It's the connotation that is attached to those phrases now that is the problem. The whole "1%" and "99%" euphemisms are totally stupid to begin with anyway, the epitome of class warfare. And by co-opting that terminology in its commercial, IB perpetuates that bad rhetorical paradigm, and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. I agree, you said it better than I could
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    I thought the ad was very amusing and I will be checking out every strategy on the banners. Remember that if you earn more than $31k you are the one percent on a global not us basis.
  7. you make a good point, I guess that's how 99% of the people see it
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    This is what "creative" minds of copy writers and animation graphics of ad agencies come up with? a Disgrace!

    IB along with their ad agency should read one chapter from George Lois.
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    Good advert.

    If you aspire to be in the 1% you should be proud of the fact.
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