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  1. hi,

    I don't understand how Interactive Brokers' margin requirment calculation works.

    suppose you want to buy $10k value of stocks over nights, whats the minimum level of marging required?

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  3. tnx

    that sounds really bad.
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    say what you want but that level is set by the regulators.

    4:1 intraday, 2:1 overnight.
  5. oh really? I didn't know that.

    CFDs allow u up to 10x (even 20x in indices) so why doesn't IB offer CFDs too?
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    perhaps we will one day. for now if you want that kind of leverage in a regulated entity take a look at single stock futures.
  7. http://www.onechicago.com/030000_products/oc_030101.html

    heres a list of the single stock futures

    anybody here trading these and what broker are you using?
  8. I heard about single stock futures , are a lot of people trading them, is there pretty good volume, does ib have intraday real times charts for them?
  9. does IB give access to OneChicago?

    any other brokers that do?
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    Since when is CFD trading allowed in the United States?

    Someone change the rules or something?

    I would imagine IB could clean up on these and knock out a lot of competition. They are already Market Makers for equities and options and SSF's.
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