ib's margin rates incredibly low

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  1. man i was shocked on a balance of less than 100k they're like 6.7%. that's 2-3% less than most and they have the highest credit rates around. they have a very small spread between what they pay and take in
  2. cscott


    They can do that because they save so much money on customer service. LOL
  3. well been with them 5 years and i can happily say i've called ib maybe 4 times. systems rarely ever down and i've just never had problems
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    probably you need alot of hand holding. why don't you list firms which you believe to have better customer service and why you think their service is superior.

    doubtful that there is another firm that spends as much on customer service as IB or makes it as easy to contact them.
    that being said the expertise of some people in customer service is questionable.
    considering some of the posts on ET i am sure that they get tons of
    amateur questions from people who don't
    trade very much/ beginning traders.
  5. GTG


    I have to agree. The few times I've ever needed to get ahold of anyone at IB it has been quick and they've been extremely helpful.
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    Sorry, I don't need any handholding. I do need answers though when there are problems with their TWS trading platform, trade execution problems, or my account balance is incorrect - and this happens occasionally.

    You are confusing "hand-holding" with "proper service". While someone may not need any handholding, everyone needs to have fast customer service that they can depend on whenever trading platform or account problems arise.

  7. Been with IB for 3 years and zero calls to customer service.

    No idea what their service is like. But if it's like everything else I'm sure it's industry leading.
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    LOL. That's a lie if I ever heard one. You really expect people to believe that?
  9. u fellas ought to try ib europe costumer service; my calls have all been answered in less than 3rings..only a couple of times was put on hold for some time, otherwise pretty happy with it.
  10. Sorry chump its the truth. Believe it or not.
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