IB's margin cut-off time for EUR/USD

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    Does anyone know exactly when the IB 50% margin cut-off time begins?

    I found some links, but it's still not clear to me if it is the same as for the YM (future on the Dow Jones), whose margin cut-off time begins at 9.30 AM (EST).




    "Open outcry hours" begin and end when exactly (for the EURO FX of course)?

    IB says:
    "All Futures products will be margined at 50% of the normal margin requirements during normal liquid trading hours for each product type. Each day at 15 minutes before the close of the normal trading session for a product, margin requirements will revert back to the 100% requirement until the opening of normal trading hours the next day. Margin requirements will always be applied at 100% for all spread transactions."

    ...and also...

    Normal Trading Margin Commences
    ECBOT & Globex:
    The earlier of 15 minutes before open outcry hours for a product ends or 15:45 pm EST

    But it doesn't say when they begin.
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    Please, someone answer me.
  3. ids


    FX GLOBEX intraday period is from 8:20 to 14:45 EST.
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    Wow, great. Thank you very much.
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    Wait a minute... I called IB and double checked. Now, the lady who replied from the UK desk said that regular trading hours are actually the following (she said "9.30 AM Eastern Time"):

    0830-1600 (CST)

    And this is exactly what is stated here:

    So this means 1 hour and 10 minutes later than you are saying. I am very puzzled.


    Furthermore, if I log on TWS and right-click an order and select "Check margin", it will say that the initial margin is 1450sh dollars (I was in intraday hours for sure) rather than just 1283 (2565 for overnight initial margin) as it is stated here:


    Why do you guys have all these discrepancies? Can anyone please clarify? What exactly are the hours for margin cut-off time, and what is the margin? There is no way I can automated my system if these things are not one hundred percent sure.
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    Sorry, we fell a bit behind in time with our Internet information because CME published corrupted risk file yesterday. CME changed margin requirements last night. Your TWS shows new correct margin. I can also reconfirm the intraday period that I provided before. The trade desk information 0830-1600 CST cannot be correct. It means that intraday closes at 1700 EST which is a way too late.
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