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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Trader01, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. Trader01


    I downloaded the new version of TWS. According to IB, you right click on a Nasdaq stock and choose Level II option. When I right click on a NAZ stock, there are some options like Buy, Sell, Insert Row, etc., but no Level II option.

    I went to a real time chat with IB support, and they told me nasdaq wasn't open yet. Of course I knew that but I thought I should see an option or see Level II quotes before the Nasdaq opened.

    I guess I will feel foolish if they are there at the open, but I don't think they will be. Anyone see any Level II option on there IB this morning?:confused:
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    I'm using the browser version of TWS and i didn't see any option for level 2 quotes either, after the open.
  3. Currently, you can only get it on the top 50 nasdaq stocks.

    IB is going to expand to top 100 and on from there.

  4. Did anyone else lose access to Market Depth and Level 2 today? I couldn't access either for about 25 minutes this afternoon. I had quite a long chat with IB but they were mystified. At the end of the chat I could get 'em again. Strange.
  5. Trader01


    I reinstalled TWS trying to get the Level II quote feature. No luck, its still not there. It does show "Show Market Depth" for listed stocks, but no Level II for naz stocks.

    I logged on to the web based IB, and there is Level II there.

    Are you guys getting Level II quotes on the stand alone TWS platform, or web based TWS?

  6. ktm


    I've got Level II on the stand-alone. Remember, it's only the top 50 stocks or so on the Naz. BEAS is showing L II for me right now in pre-market.
  7. jsmith


    I wasn't getting Level II either.
    So I did
    Start -> Programs -> Check for TWS Updates
    After it installed, I rebooted.
    Now I can get Level II when I right click.

    Help -> About Trader Workstation
    Build 735g

    Hope this helps!
  8. Trader01


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have right clicked popular stocks like MSFT, YHOO, and JNPR. There is no level II period. I have highlited stocks and pressed Ticker looking for a level II option. It's a bug. Period.

    :mad: :(
  9. Fohat



    There's no bug, IB can switch on/off Level II quotes. Yesterday there were L2 quotes, the day before that - no L2 quotes. Today there were no L2 quotes also. This is a feature still in implementation.

    Anyway, for $79/month, who will use it?
  10. Just a heads-up for anyone that may not be aware, you will need to select either "BEST" or "SUPERSOES" to obtain Level 2 quotes. At least that's been my experience.
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