IB's IPO Goes Forward - Range $23-27

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Babak, Apr 7, 2007.

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    It seems that it is full steam ahead for IB's IPO. Clients can even get in on the action:

    Interactive Brokers's IPO
  2. Watch out for Vonage-itis or Refco-itis :p

    The line that customers can buy into it make me think. Why would the IPO syndicate release such valuable shares to the general public? They are not a charity...
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  4. I have no idea for sure but I would guess that offering to smaller retail through an auction system would create more emotion and get IB a higher offering price, thus bringing in more dollars

    I think if IB was trying to pull a scam they would be selling more than 5% of the company. Also, IB is profitable, similar type numbers to ET and AMTD.

    I don't think it's fair comparing IB to Vonage, just my 2c though.
  5. Yeah.. vonage is based off a shitty service that nobody really needs.. (VoIP? Gimmie a break, I can use teamspeak or something for free, and it's not that hard to set one up)

    IB is providing a service that will grow.. sooner or later people will realize that they're getting ripped off paying $7 - $10 / trade when they could be paying $2.
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  7. Bad idea.
  8. if its a dutch auction its means the stock will gap up very little if any. look at goog it barely opened above its dutch auction price.
  9. goog gapped up 20%.. that's a lot to make 20% in 1 day.
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