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  1. Since 1997..when the internet based-direct access business started...the larger firms such as Fidelity (fully disclosed broker) started late in the game...whereas entrepreneurial smaller firms (introducing brokers) actually started the game....

    The game for the entrepreneurs were supported by technology vendors who provided the execution technology...and the clearing firms..which adjoined the direct access technologies...

    In short....some of the supportive clearing firms are SLK..Southwest..Instinet..CCS..Bear Stearns...and Penson....

    Which firms offer the best rates that are ...

    Utilizing SLK....

    Utilizing Southwest...

    Utilizing Penson...

    Utilizing Instinet....

    Utilizing CCS...

    Utilizing Bear Stearns....?

    What are the rates...? etc...

    Also...of the adjoining technology firms...it seems that
    some participate in the cents per share commission structure and some do not...

    Which execution technologies allow for the cents per share commission structure...?

    Now that bigger companies such as Fidelity offer $8.00 commissions...then what edge do the entrepreneurs who started the business still have...?
  2. drprotrader,

    We clear thru CCS and feel that they provide the best service to our customers thru there simple to read statements and easy online accessibility to there account information.

    We offer both (per share / per trade) flexible commission schedules for our traders. Our per trade commission schedule is advertised on our website, www.xoomtrade.com . Below you will find our per share commission schedule offered exclusively to ET members.

    Base Commission: $5 per 1000 shares
    NYSE Direct: FREE
    AMEX Direct: FREE
    SOES: $2 per 1000 shares
    ARCA: $2 per 1000 shares
    Trac: $3 per 1000 shares
    NTRD: $3 per 1000 shares
    BRUT: $5 per 1000 shares
    BTRD: $5 per 1000 shares
    DORS: $5 per 1000 shares
    ATTN: $9 per 1000 shares
    Cancels: FREE

    Direx Platinum Software Fee: $39.99
    (waived after 100,000 monthly share volume)

    Best Regards,

    XoomTrade Support