IB's improvements to Booktrader.

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    IB's latest improvements to Booktrader in TWS version 868 are well done imo. Specifically the advanced mode. Worth the wait.

    Even the multiple order mode in advanced mode is superior to what they previously had. Far more intuitive. Each order gets a seperate column next to the price ladder. Your entry, target(s), and stop/stop limit are labelled with text instead of just the trail and color. In addition, the cursor floats the word "sell" underneath it when the cursor is in the ask column or "buy" when in the bid column.

    There's more, but play with it afterhours and you'll soon appreciate it. Sort of gives bracket and button trader a run for their money.

    Thanks IB. Good looking out.
  2. What version of TWS is this? I'm still on 866.5 and no change in Booktrader there to my knowledge. Either way, with my current version, and the version before, I had periodic episodes where clicking on Booktrader produced no order. Sometimes it would take multiple clicking....very disconcerting when you're trying to get an trade in.

    I reported it to IB....they claimed they couldn't reproduce the problem.

    Don't know if you have had any difficulty. I switched front-ends myself, and now have no difficulty at all. So I think Booktrader had a bug. If this is a later version of TWS, perhaps they actually corrected a problem that they couldn't detect. LOL.

  3. It's version 868. Specifically the web browser version. (which IMO works just as well as the platform based version) Though you seasoned vets may teach me otherwise.
  4. now would be kewl to have hotkeys that dont rely on mouse clicks to send/modify orders....ultimate improvement for booktrader.
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    you can send/modify orders with keyboard; advanced mode was designed in a way that don't have to touch the mouse (you can if you want to though)
  6. ddunbar, looking at IB WebTrader2 this morning This note appears:

    "IB offers the HTML-based WebTrader application as an alternative to the Trader Workstation for those customers who are behind a firewall or require a simpler trading interface. Please note that the WebTrader does not offer many features of our Java-based Trader Workstation including:

    Real-time streaming information
    Combination order entry
    Volatility orders
    Support for Advisors and Brokers
    Many specialized order types
    IB Analytics
    Specialized trading modules such as OptionTrader, BookTrader, or BasketTrader "

    Could you help a little more how you got booktrader on the webversion?

    edit: Ahhh... I went thru the IB Webpage and it downloaded the JAVA. I believe you are running the same TWS I have installed on my machine. It's just that you download it each time you run it by going to the IB webpage.
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    There downloadable version of TWS 868 will probably be available mid month. Usually takes 2 weeks or so after a new Web version of TWS is listed.

    I've never had any "stuck" issues with booktrader. In fact, I haven't had any problems with TWS in over a year. Last time, I had a stuck "pink" and "magneta." I found that I had two spyware programs running. I got them I believe during the day when I was bored that day waiting for a setup in EUR/USD and decided to browse a few "questionable" websites.

    I stopped that practice to be sure. I'll either use my other laptop to browse when bored and waiting for a setup, or play games on my PDA. Haven't had a problem since.

    Anyway, I was using bracket trader for a while. Really nice program. Very nice actually. Was considering purchasing it until I discovered that booktrader allows you to set bracket orders. The new version of TWS booktrader has expanded upon that whole concept quite nicely and is more intuitive just like bracket trader. Best of all, it's free. I only have to run charts via API now.

    I only wish IB could get their charting up to snuff. I wish I knew how to program. I'd do it for them. I believe that if they did it right, they could have a basic version which is free and an advanced version which requires monthly minimum commission. Say, $50 -$100 in commissions a month. What I'm saying is, they should license a charting technology/package. And it should be seperate from TWS. Strip it all charting from TWS and make it an API package.
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    As of yesterday, 868 is the version that runs through your browser. Yes, as you realized, it's not webtrader. But it's not the standalone yet. Hopefully in a week or two the standalone 868 will be available. Browser version takes a longer time to load.
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    Standalone version appears at least to me, to run faster. The stand alone versions of TWS definitely boots up faster. Not sure what the harm of using the browser based version of TWS would be other than having to keep your browser up while it runs which means more overhead. Might induce lag or some other awful gremiln. I suppose too for a scapler, those "critical" seconds might mean something.

  10. web browser run much faster than standalone on my crappy pc, cpu is usage half...but maybe that's because my pc is indeed a total shite.
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