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  1. I just got an invitation from IB to join their "Information System Beta Test". From what I've gleaned, it is apparently an optional addon to TWS that among other things, bumps up your max quote symbols from 100 to 250 lines for $39/mo. That $39/mo is rebated back to you at $0.40 per dollar you generate in commish each month.

    There is also a "Research Data Bundle" associated with it that cost an additional $39/month and isn't rebated back to you.

    I'm mainly interested in the 250 quotes upgrade, rather than the other stuff.

    Some questions for def (or anyone else at IB):

    1) Can I upgrade to IBIS without having to subscribe to the Research Data Bundle and still get the 250 quote increase?

    2) Any limitations using the 250 quote increase with the API?

    3) Assuming the answer to the last two questions is "yes", then am I correct in assuming the 250 quote increase will cost me nothing extra, so long as I generate a minimum of $39/0.40 = $97.50 per month in commissions?

    I generate about $1K/month in commissions at present, so if I'm reading everything correctly, it looks like I just got 250 symbols/month for no additional cost.

    Seems like yet another good reason to stay with IB.
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    1) yes

    2) the extra 150 symbols are NOT available through the API; just on the TWS display

    3) yes, for the TWS display

  3. Thanks very much for the reply, IBsoft.

    Hmm...Is there any way I can just pay for additional symbols?

    I'd like to run 200 to 300 real time quote lines via the API (instead of the 100 I'm limited to now).

    Thanks again!

    PS: Note that I use the TWSAPI (not Fix - just to make sure we're on the same page).
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    At the moment there isn't, but we will review the subject in the (hopefully near) future.

  5. IBsoft -

    Please consider adding a similar fee model for deep books viewed through TWS.

    For someone who trades off multiple booktraders, it's very disruptive to do $10k in commissions in a given month, take 2 weeks off next month, then be forced to return to a 3-book limitation.

    I honestly don't know of a single broker that restricts to 3 books even on their free platforms - that aside, it would be great to have an option to bump up the allowance for a fee to smooth out months when you are not trading as much.

    Thanks for your time.
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    will do

  7. +1
  8. +2
  9. Like the API idea, wouldn't have much use for it in TWS only...also would be nice to be able to pay up for as many symbols as desired.
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    Is there a way to click trade on the IBIS watch list? How do I enable it if it's possible? Also is there a search function for the streaming news?
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