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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by risquearb, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Included as a new feature in build 865.2
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    Tried it already....done about 15/20 trades...not bad...still a bit buggy...so be careful...hopefully someone from IB will read this...

    I clicked two times real fast on an offer in the EUR/USD (the way it should be and NOT USD/EUR) and on the first click I bot EUR/USD...this is fine....but on the second click I wound up with a position long EUR/JPY.....check it out IB!!!
  3. What's your folks' experience been with the the P&L function?
    I'm finding the data displayed in the "Quote Panel" to be next to useless. So far haven't seen any accurate data in this module. The P&L data shown in the "Portfolio" module seems to be displaying accurately, albeit with a display delay.

    As an example, currently my "Quote Panel" is showing an Unrealized P&L of- $171.25 and a Realized P&L of -$171.25 as well, while the "Portfolio Module" is showing an Unrealized P&L of -$10.00 and a Realized P&L of +$17.50. Obviously something here does not jive.

    This incidentally, holds true for the P&L displays in FX Trader and Book Trader for FX positions. Anyone else with similar experiences? Any suggestions? Or is this just a new bug to be ironed out in future releases?

    Regards to all....
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    Agree with you on p/l and avg rate...etc...not accurate just like the e-mails that IB sends telling you they closed part of the position due to margin call...ALWAYS incorrect/inaccurate rates....I wrote about this a long time ago still NOT fixed...