IB's foreign market's data fees question

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  1. Maybe Steve or Def can anwser this one.

    I subscribed to the DTB and the LIFFE and IPE. When i see my balance, how come i dont see a negative amount in the euro, and GBP department?

    I only have USD and HKD in my account and I see a credit of 26 bucks under my USD section.

    As far as i know, IB doesnt convert client's fund on the trading side automatically. Do you guys do the conversion automatically for market data's fee?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Steve_IB

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    Can't tell without looking up your account. It should generate a negative balance in that currency when the data fee is deducted Have you checked your statement?
    I suggest sending a trouble ticket.
  3. alanm


    It seems that last time I had foreign (non-USD) data fees (maybe IPE when they started charging), they were deducted in USD.

    Why not look at your statements for the day data fees were deducted to see what they did? This month, it was on 07/11.
  4. ib converts mine to my base currency,which i like.
  5. I copied the transaction section for Jul 11
    Date Description Amount
    2006-07-11 JUN DATA FEES - EURONEXT DATA BUNDLE- L -6.40
    2006-07-11 JUN DATA FEES - EUREX (DTB) NON-PROFESS -10.23
    2006-07-11 JUN DATA FEES - US SEC. AND COMM. EXCHA -10.00
    Total -26.63

    So, that means it is converted to USD by IB right? Is it going to be this way from now on? If it is, is great. I dont want to owe IB 10 bucks in euro, 8 bucks in GBP.
  6. It has been this way in my account for a while now (for my Eurex, Tokyo and Korean data fees) that the fees were deducted in US$.

  7. alanm


    Look at the header in the Cash Activity section from which you copied the transactions. It tells you the currency applicable to that section. I'm guessing it's USD from the odd amounts.