IB's feed for Tick and Trin ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by andy4, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. andy4


    does anybody use IB's charts for Tick and Trin ?

    I have TT feed which doesn't carry Tick and Trin.

    Is the feed from IB good enough to trade YM and ES ?
  2. vita


    IB has TICK but only through its TWS (not through the API). The ticker is "TICK-NYSE".

    Historical data through API is available but its quality is questionable in my opinion. No real time bar data is available through API, so you are stuck with TWS charts.
  3. Andy,

    I noticed you subscribed to this site back in 2000.

    It has been 9 years, can you tell us what happened in the last 9 years that keep you from pursuing this 'line' of business?
  4. How did you manage to come up with all that nonsense?

    TICK and TRIN (NYSE and NASDAQ) are both available through the TWS API.

    I have had no problems with the quality of the historical data available from IB.

    You can build your own real time bars from the IB snapshot data.

    No one is stuck with TWS charts as many third party charting apps can be used with real time TWS API data. QuoteTracker is free and does a great job of charting real time and historical TWS data.
  5. andy4


    thanks for the info'. In the midst of refunding a small IB account to use Tick/Trin - I have looked at in the past, but never felt I saw an edge on how I was looking at it though. Lately there's been a lot of talk about Tick, one idea the concept of exiting a trade as Tick hits extreams is something I've not looked at before, but makes some sense, so just want to re-look at that.

    Had also heard some "Tick" feeds were lagging, wanted to make sure IB's wasn't.

    yeah sadly been so long, the first year or two I lost money so bad, the next few was able to grind it all back !! The last few have had spurts of profitability usually only to give nearly most of the "profits" back - but not all:) - all trading part time, with the opportunity to try full time for a little while only to return to other ways of bringing in income.

    Last year was very good for me, but had to take a break to finish up an already started project, started back live last week only to get my behind handed to me and see the market has changed from last fall.

    Working on getting back into the flow, and am getting some hints I'm moving in the right direction, so we'll see.

    I'm starting off again with a few changes which, are no biggie, but changes I need to get use to. New broker, charting , order entry (a big change) and also looking at the idea of switching from YM (the main market I trade) to ES.

    I scalp in a way that some times I have to reverse heavily, YM can be rough - get partials over 5 contracts on limits or get slippage if market orders.

    Anyway that's roughly where I am after 10 yr's, some would probably just say give it up after all, lol, but it's not going to happen, sure would have been nice to be making it work full time after a couple of years, it's just not happened, family, time, building an account size etc etc - not to mention bad trading, it is what it is and now more than ever I believe I'm getting closer, so we'll see. Sorry for going on - it'll teach you to ask a question, lol :)