IB's faulty trade times

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ogarbitrage, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Does this happen to anyone else w/ IB's TWS? I consistently get reported trade times that are listed before the actual live time.

    Note the real time at the bottom right hand corner and the indicated trade times on the Oct11, Jan12, and Apr12 contracts.
  2. I remember hearing complaints on their API forum about this.....almost 2 YEARS AGO !!
    I can't believe it hasn't been fixed.

    I think the problem is related to not having time-sync software on their servers to sync with an NTTP server. That being said, I noticed that many NTTP servers are terrible....and in fact do not reflect the current time with accuracy.

    Another reason could be they are late in time-stamping transactions....so there is a delay between when the transaction is recognized and when it is "stamped".
  3. Since posting this, IB has reached out to attempt a fix.
  4. Did they issue an official issue number or problem tracking number ?
  5. Negative, one of IB's ET members PMed me about it.