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  1. Knyyt


    Anyone know how i can get my hands on IB's CTCI ?

  2. def

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    you can contact a sales rep. Try skelsey@interactivebrokers.com.hk (he's the sales rep in Asia but can handle things worldwide).
  3. huby


    What is CTCI?
  4. p2


    Computer-to-computer interface. The term is used usually by IT departments in brokerages to denote their electronic interface. It's usually a proprietary protocol. But a lot of firms (usually buy-side) use the FIX protocol.
  5. IB use FIX protocal 4X....Software is available costing from free to many thousands of dollars
  6. dozu888


    must have a dedicated line to use CTCI, kinda prohibitive for small guys like me. hope someday IB can offer it on the application level.
  7. Knyyt


    Heres what i have learned about IB's CTCI.

    #1. Need a dedicated T1 connection to IB. No VPN,No DSL,No Cable, only a T1.
    #2. You need to do at least $2400.US in commissions, if you dont do that much in commish, you send them a check for the differance.
    #3. They really dont want to offer it to you unless you are a "Institution".

    Its sad, cause i dont mind IB at all, but business is business so they are moving to second place, and will be my "backup" system.

    Anyways,.. i'm off in search of a broker who will match IB's RT commission rate of $5.90US in the mini's(ES/NQ), who offer's a API with their front-end, for about 200 RT's per day. {Brokers} If your out there, send me a email, cause i will be making my decision who i will go with by the end of the week if you decide to match IB and have a API to offer me.

  8. def

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    not sure where you got the info but you should be able to do it with a 64K line. Your monthly minumum should not be an issue. I am going to ask a sales rep to contact you to sort out the confusion.

  9. vahj



    Have you concidered obtaining a eth permit from cme.
    If you have $25000 it will cost you $400 per month
    for the permit $1000 one time fee for the terminal
    and about $2 round trip e-minis.

  10. dozu888


    def, if you can offer CTCI without a dedicated line, please let me know.. so far this has been the show stopper for me to put up the dough for such a line.. otherwise would have been doing automatic trading a few months ago.
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