IB's closing price for Best and NYSE

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nitro, May 7, 2002.

  1. nitro


    I noticed that after the market closes, the price of NYSE stocks continue to change with trades that went off after hours, whether the routing is NYSE or BEST.

    This is somewhat annoying and the _CHOICE_ to see it or not should be settable by the user. In fact, a more elegant solution might be that BEST should update after hours, and NYSE should always return the NYSE close regardless of what trades went off after the close.

  2. alanm


    There are other inconsistencies too. Sometimes, BEST will show what appears to be the last trade, but the last trade shown for the ECN routes will show the NYSE close. Or maybe it's the reverse of that. I can't keep it straight.

    I spend a lot of time punching symbols into my quote program after-hours to get the NYSE closing price :-(

    I'd like to see a data element that shows the last RTH closing price in the primary market, not so much in the front-end, but in the API.
  3. ktm


    This morning, my TWS is showing the closing prices from day before yesterday on my Account screen. Some are accurate and others are way off.
  4. Yep, there were some whacky closing prices displayed this morning. Must be another (ahem) connectivity issue with the exchange.
  5. def

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    since you seem to claim some kind of conspiracy, from an internal abstract. I X'd out the names:

    Abstract: Clients complained that the close prices were incorrect. X found that the files that are created each night were not made. X contacted Y who created the files, then Y restarted all affected processes.

    Resolution time: 09:15 EST