IB's charts suck -- any recs for better intraday charting sites or software?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by d0rian, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. d0rian


    I'm giving up on IB's for intraday monitoring; they crash a ton and have annoying functionality limitations*. Is there a consensus best charting program or site? Paid (reasonable fee) would be OK if good value.

    (*For ex: IB forces the same color coding on multiple charts; e.g. if you have separate charts open for AAPL, IBM, and BMO, your default line color must apply to all 3. How is that even a thing in 2020? This is obv minor, but indicative of silly limitations IB charts are rife with. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'm all ears, though IB has told me themselves there's no way to do this.)
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  2. %%
    MY favorite;
    even though its delayed some, but it has good 50/200dma for barcharts + I prefer candlecharts. I don't care for the 5 minute charts , but they never consulted me.
    I use them[ red white + blue] when I daytrade-which is not very much When I used IBKR charts volume was off a bunch;
    but consistant-- so not a big problem...……………………………………………………………………………..
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  5. Walshdil


    Or get think or swim and you'll be fine? I never understood why some traders go out of their way to intentionally have complicated, faulty setup, just so they can differ themselves and feel like a "pro". No matter your charts, broker, setup, your still a retail trader so just use what everyone else does and make your money.
  6. RedDuke


    Ninjatrader is really good. Free until you need to trade live. Then Very cheap.

    IB main strength is trading handling, charting and data sub par.
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  7. shfly


    I use medvedtrader.com with IB. Superb charting package, very reasonable priced. I believe they even provide a free version, for checking it out, if you don’t wanna pay the $20’ish to test it out for a month.

    I trade futures and stocks.
  8. SteveH


    You could try Sierra Chart. Cheap monthly rate, decent charting with an IB connection.
  9. d0rian


    Thanks for replies ITT so far.
    For those of you who have made specific mention of an IB connection (to the 3rd-party charting service), can you help me understand just what this means? In what respect is the charting "connected to" my IB account or IB data feed, and what does that 'connection' allow me to see or do? (I.e. in the context of IB's Excel API, that connection allows me to pull data into Excel and submit trades from Excel...what does connecting my IB acct to a 3rd party charting service make possible?)
  10. NinjaTrader.

    There’s a LOT of former NT users who seem to prefer Sierra though. I only tried Sierra briefly and decided I did not want to learn a new platform.
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