IB's Canadian Registration..............

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  1. mskl


    great. Nice work IB.

    #51     May 14, 2002

  2. Beautiful!!!
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  3. ctrader


    Props to IB for putting up with the canadian regulator bullshit.

    I am telling all my canadian trading buddies about you guys.
    #53     May 14, 2002

    bulletin #2993

    May 14, 2002

    New Member
    Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.

    Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. is admitted to membership in the Investment Dealers
    Association of Canada, effective May 14, 2002.

    The head office is located at 360 St-Jacques Street, Suite 2004 B, Montreal, PQ H2Y 1P5.
    Telephone: (514) 287-1027 and Fax: (514) 287-0152.

    The directors and officers are:

    • Timothy O’Meara, Director, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief
    Compliance Officer and UDP
    • Mark Bennett, Director, Vice-President and ADP
    • Paul Brody, Non-Industry Director
    • Earl Harold Nemser, Non-Industry Director
    • Thomas Peterffy, Non-Industry Director

    Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. is under the prime audit jurisdiction of the Investment Dealers
    Association of Canada.

    Kenneth A. Nason
    Association Secretary
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  5. ctrader



    Is the fee schedule going to remain the same for canadian clients?
    #55     May 14, 2002
  6. axehawk


    I guess I'll have to throw in my "FINALLY!!!! "

    #56     May 14, 2002
  7. Babak


    oh man this is going to be fun! I'm going to enjoy sitting back and watching those flabby banker's butts getting kicked across the financial landscape! :D
    #57     May 14, 2002
  8. About f***ing time already, those criminals (the big 5) have been suffocating Canadian traders for far too long.
    #58     May 14, 2002
  9. Finally !!!...any news from Bright Trading...about their application to the Ontario's Securities Commission? I know they have a shop in Vancouver, BC...but what about us in TO?
    #59     May 14, 2002
  10. axehawk


    This news should pave the way for a Bright office in Toronto.
    #60     May 14, 2002