IB's BP is messed up once again

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Bob111, May 17, 2010.

  1. Bob111


    what's wrong with IB in last few days? what changes did they made once again without notification of the customer? when you guys start notify us, if there is any changes in BP or your risk management system or whatever you call it are been made?
    on one account today, before market open, one my BP was >250K. i bought some stocks worth about 100K. BP is 0, warning message pops up.
    sold half shortly after. now BP is >150K.
    on another account with BP > 250K ALL my orders are rejected with following message "the sum of outstanding orders LIKELY TO EXECUTE is greater than current allowable multiple of excess equity". few seconds later i resubmit same basket and all of them been accepted with no problem at all.
    wtf is going on?

    tried to open ticket with screenshots,audit files, every piece of info i got....IB's message center f *d up too.. "currently unavailable due maintenance. it will be available momentarily". this "momentarily" joke was there since yesterday..

    and some of you guys are complaining about their charts? :) They have much bigger issues than that