IB's basket orders disappeared after re-logon to TWS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by klin, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. klin


    Has anyone else experienced this problem before? I don't even know those orders are still working or not, and if they're working, how may I cancel or modify them? IB's tech support hasn't been any helpful on this.
  2. So you put in live basket orders which were working and then
    IB crashed or something? And then you re-logged in and there
    was nothing? And tech couldn't figure out if you had any open
    orders? Nope. Can't help. Never seen this happen. My guess is
    you don't have any open orders because they never went live
    in the first place. But what do I know? Good luck Thursday...
  3. klin


    Just try to submit a basket of orders and re-logon to TWS and see if your orders still there!

    It's nice to know what's going on there before you really need do something when market moves quickly.

    I believe orders are still live, but you can't access them anymore, kind of scary .
  4. I havent see that, but it's probably because I also have a page set up that only contains the stocks in the basket. I used this basket page to track open profits in the basket positions and to exit individually if needed.

    Working basket orders also appear on my own basket page, in addition to the "TWS basket order page" (which really only shows you fill progress).