IB's API: how to determine when a Nasdaq stock opens

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fader, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. fader


    when a nasdaq stock opens, the symbol-SUPERSOES bid/ask quote color changes in TWS from beige color (indicative) to regular color (green/orange).

    how can one capture this event via API?

    in general, how do people capture the opening price via IB's API? it seems for NYSE stocks, the pre-market bid/ask quote is blank until the open, but not for SUPERSOES.

    also, both for nyse and nasdaq stocks, even the primary exchange quote shows activity (last price/volume) during the pre-market, so one can't differentiate between ECN's prints and primary exchange prints.

    i have called IB and posted on their board, to no avail so far.

    i have emailed their API support, but my last email took two weeks to get a response :) (still, better late than never, of course).

    so i am hoping someone here may know the answer, thx in advance.