IBM will put the dow over the top tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssternlight, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. unless their call guides down..
  2. yes.. I agree

    the market will be up tomorrow... unless its down
  3. Futures are hitting AH lows. NQ and ES.
  4. Wetton


    I disagree Eqttrader, i think the market will go down tomorrow, unless of course it goes up. The wildcard is maybe it stays flat, which means it will neither be up nor down.
  5. Chances are it will go both up and down tomorrow.

  6. All my models are telling me the market is gonna move tomorrow...
  7. You fellows need to be more specific. I am willing to accept that the market will have the possibility of upward and downward movement, but I will also like to go record as predicting that some of the initial highs and lows will be exceeded during the day.
  8. I personally guarantee that ES will move at least a tick either up or down tomorrow from the opening of the day session. There is a very, very high probability that it will trade at price levels a tick higher and a tick lower from the opening price.

    If the above guarantee (1 tick either up or down) does not occur, President George W. Bush will vacate the White House in January, 2009.

  9. if and or but

    just wait for cpi and chill out.
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    Wow. I thought big blue was an old mans stock.
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