IBM Release Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by waggie945, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Quarterly earnings report Thursday morning at 7:30AM Eastern as opposed to next Tuesday, January 20th.

    Stock is +$1.69 in aftermarket trading on the news.
    $92.00 last.

  2. Dude.. why are u always bringing out the positives... We know u are long the market..

    The futures are down over 13 points..

    INTC earnings werent so great. and margins were weak. They guided revenue poorly.

    QLGC missed revenue...

    YHOO smoked... stock was overextended.. buy the rumor sell the fact. AAPL same thing.


    Up $1.80 now. Most of the earnings stocks are trading down. What's the deal?
  4. they should not be allowed to do that. Especially changing from after hours to pre market. What is this joke?
  5. Why? I can see the shorts would be pissed...
  6. What does it matter if the earnings come out "pre-market" vs after the close?

    IBM moved the freaking date up from January 20th!!!
    Can't you guys read?


  7. Duh . . .

    Buy the rumor.
    Sell the News.

    Believe me when I tell you that I have been in this game since 1981. You don't have to tell me how the game is played!

    I just think that ET can be pretty funny at times, especially with all of the TOP PICKERS that keep saying how they are going short the ES. It's amazing that any of these guys on this board have any money left . . . since they have been selling for the last 80 handles!

  8. They are reporting early so their Jan puts can still save their hides when they warn like SAP :)