IBM Predicts sentiment of the market

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by thehangingman, Jan 6, 2007.


    I love this chart because it matches so well with the sentiment of the overall market.

    I think the same thing will happen to market as in early 2005. Equities will start selling off and this will be the smart money, the big funds and money managers. Then in February, someone is going to proclaim the selloff over and tell us to buy into this small correction. Then the markets will meander to the downside. All of a sudden stops will be hit in April-May and all hell will be breaking loose.

    In the chart you can see where the double top occurred (as well as the double bottom).

    If the chart repeats itself, then 2007 will be a lackluster year and 2008 will be the year that the real cash is made. I think a lot of guys will lose their shirts in 2007 and give back their gains to Mr. Market. They wont recognize these fairly obvious shifts in trend and attempt to use their old strategies.

    However, this isnt going to be a crash. It will be the silent and slow crash. If you watch CNBC, they will always be telling you how strong the economy is and that this is just a temporary correction. I say stay out of the market (on the long side) until May...