IBM erases today's losses

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  1. Beat estimates. $86.20 in after hours trading. We should get a little bear rally off of this tomorrow. If we don't, watch out below.
  2. And Citi is up 4% in after hours trading! Yeah, that's right. They're up almost a whole dime after hours.
  3. I wonder how many people there going to fire?
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    Think about it, a bear market rally could push C up 100% to $6+, back 2 years ago C going from $50 to $100 was UNHEARD of. Things migh just be looking up for these single digit bank stocks.....

  5. As I've said many times this is a very mild recession. Large cap tech mostly immune due to globalization. Go long.
  6. stock, no one here gives a flying fuck what you say 50+ times a day, because you are WRONG ON EVERYTHING THAT YOU POST! Why do you continue tp post here? You have proven time after time that you have no clue. You need to admit defeat and get a fucking life.
  7. kinda seems weird how IBM which is a very large component is up after hours and the dow futures are down
  8. the dow lost 40 virtual points after the close and with IBM earnigns recovered them
  9. IBM led the way today. Investors were a little too optimistic in my opinion, but as long as we keep trading in this range, I'm content.
  10. I think the mental recession ended with the IBM report.
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