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    nice spread eh?
  2. tommaso


    here is the screenshot.

    Was taken today around 15:00 (local time, it).

    I really would like to have a conversation with the programmer who is in charge of these data.
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  3. def

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    Maybe I've got my time zones wrong but isn't 3 PM in Italy 9 AM in NY which is means you're showing a pre-market quote.
  4. tommaso


    Hello Def,

    thanks for the interesting remark. Yes we have now 6 hours difference.

    Actually I would have bet that hours do not matter to the Demo.

    I am pretty sure I have been running it several times when here is early morning (3-4 am) and it showed prices that are similar to that of market hours.

    Anyway now you make me wonder ...

    Can anyone confirm whether the demo take into account the market hours (perhaps extending the behavior to saturdays, like today) ?

    [if that is true, I would be *very* interested in knowing the exact dynamic, because most of the time I need anyway to take the demo data, to test automation]

    In any case, even in premarket, would a 1.3 $ spread be ever possible ?

  5. chvid


    Why bother with the demo data quality?

    It is clearly rubbish - designed to be a demo.

    You need a proper account to get proper data.


    Since most financial data is not free.
  6. tommaso


    Thanks chvid,

    Yes, I got it, and so far happy with it.

    Anyway, I am a little upset with the demo data (actually I am very upset).

    Of course I use the paper account when possible, but probably you know well that time is never enough when struggling with automation.

    I would really like that at IB they would like to take in consideration the possibility to provide us with data which is useful for testing, even out of the market hours.

    Developing and testing only during the trading hours will take forever ...

    After all, it is primarily in their best interest to speed up and favour in any ways our endevours.

    In addition, most of the times, if someone wants to criticize IB, talks about the demo data and the discrepancy with the official statement it should be delayed data (when money is involved is important to have full trust).

    Frankly, I do not see why they do not put the question on top of the list. It would boost their business and greatly improve their image in regard to the question.