ibm 6223 dual xeon 3.8ghz workstaion

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  1. i have upgraded my systems and am selling my prior workstations that have been configured for trading...

    ibm 6223 workstation / kqy3378 /win xp pro 64 bit

    dual xeon 3.8ghz 2mb cache processors

    8gb ram

    broadcom netXtreme gigabite ethernet

    ati x1900 xtx 512mb dual dvi video card / pci express x16

    ati x1300 256 dual dvi / vga video card / pci

    2 ibm sata II 80gb hard drives / 1 18gb scsi-2 hard drive

    ibm cd/rw-dvd/rom drive...

    ibm on site 9 to 5 next warranty till 08/24/09

    pm me with interst or questions...

    i will be listing this on ebay shortly

    asking 2000.00 usd...machine was over 5800.00 new
  2. GaryN


    lol. sheesh. Upgrading to what. Hal?
  3. 9228 98U

    check ibm site for details
  4. why do you need that much power just for trading?
  5. Tums


    there are trading, and there are trading.
  6. i am semi automated...i compute indexes in real time tick by tick...i trade more like an institution than an a carpenter, better tools make for a better finished product...remember we need to keep up with the firms and always helps to have the best tools available...bigger engine...faster car

    i have always put my profits back into infrastucture just like any other business...and this has become quite the business...
  7. TOM134



    I'll pay $200 yen for that piece of crap; going, going..........
  8. 200 yen cash...right????
  9. TOM134



    Sorry, offer expired.

    Get your bid in early.

    New offer 50 won cash; going, going ...............
  10. please try to keep this screwing around folks...
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