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  1. Hi,
    I received today email that my IBUK account will be transfered to one of these
    1. IBLUX (Luxemburg)
    2.IBIE (Irland)
    3.IBCE (Hungary)
    I woudl like to know from @def what was the reason to create 3 new brokerages within EU. One brokerage is created and than you can use EU passport.
  2. d08


    Simple. Brexit and since their EU customer numbers are growing fast, they will have multiple jurisdictions so if there's Luxit, Irexit or Huxit, they have alternatives.
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  3. blink18


    Are there any pros/cons of one jurisdiction over the other?
  4. d08


    I don't know enough to answer that. In the end you're relying on IB being financially healthy and/or any 3rd party insurance they have.
  5. choose IBLUX (Luxemburg)...
  6. I cant choose. IBKR has some criteria according to them move clients ether to IBLUX or to IBIE or to IBCE
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