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  1. I'd have thought IBKR would be doing better than this, given the opportunities in the market.

    Any idea why the lagging performance.

    You could make a case that they are still doing better than most on a relative basis, but you can't spend relative $ in the supermarket
  2. I see ET is up to its usual high standards.
  3. sg20


    Head and shoulder. It will go down further if passed the lower support line.
  4. uh, I was not looking for inane chart interpretations. We can all see the chart.

    I was looking for real information.
  5. The CME reported that August 2008 volume was down 32 percent from August 2007. Maybe there is concern that Timber Hill has had a major drop in market making volume from 3rd quarter 2007. Have to wait until the 3rd quarter earning report to know the facts.
  6. Is it any surprise? The ticker is at least 5 seconds behind the official market time, customer service rings busy or just rings, the TWS software keeps shutting down, tokens that dont work, customer service reps who dont know an equity from a hole in the wall and simply dont care, trades that appear to execute but not really, money that simply vanishes I could go on. Just look in the retail trading section and you can see all the nightmares with interactive brokers.
  7. The worst thing about IB is it attracts anii with legs like Port6969.
  8. sorry i asked, must have scared you dweebs out

    ps, i count this as yet another great call.. running 98% winners.
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