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  1. The thought occurs that IB seems to be doing very well in a difficult market.

    One of the main reasons is that IB is mostly owned by one very smart man that cares about his company.

    99% of the banks and brokers that are crapping all over themselves are run by salaried riverboat gamblers.

    Thought you might want to think about that. Skin in the game boys, keeps 'em honest.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I will open my short position when the market opens. Again, thanks.
  3. AS long as you do it in an IB account. Before you blow out, I'd like to get a piece of your $.
  4. dont


    Around the time BSC blew up I noticed IBKR had traded down to $20. I am still pissed I wasn't around to pick any up at that level.
  5. another score.

    stock777 1000

    Visitors dogsmelly
  6. Well, lets keep score.

    I gave you GM <10 Last week (Now 13+)

    I gave you this IBKR beauty at <29. (now 32+)

    Just hang it up and bow down to the man.
  7. Port1385, you are my new contrary indicator. You're good.
  8. I guarantee I've made more accurate money making calls here than anyone, and no one notices.

    lol, thats the beauty of it.
  9. 33.75

    Score time
  10. Cat got your tongue Port1385?

    That's ok, just pick a new nick and start over.

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