IBKR outage?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by JamesJ, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. JamesJ


    I'm having problems using IBKR right now.
    No connection to eufarm and euhmds.

    Mobile TWS not connecting at all, web trader not working.
    I am European based.

    Anyone else having trouble?
  2. tango29


    I have all connections up and running. i checked the 2 you mentioned and operating here. I am in the U.S. so not sure if that is the difference.
  3. JamesJ


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  4. JamesJ


    thx for checking..
    problem seems to persist here... did try through germany using vpn, same thing..

    don't really want to mess around with ibkr using vpn to connect from other locations...
  5. cesfx


    No connection right now on my mobile app from UK, it keeps trying changing servers and it can't connect
  6. JamesJ


    Thx, seems to be widespread issue...

    Now i was able to login through browser with trading permission but even there it seems stuck.
    i do have an apparent pending cancel from 40 min ago on eu stock.
    and other orders showing still open, for which i see that price went through and should have executed.
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  7. Ninja


    Same here. Even no access to the web portal :-(
  8. JamesJ


    Twitter is full of it.
    I hope they can fix it soon...

    One of the very few longer outages of IBKR, luckily so far not on a huge volatile day... but US keeps dropping... hmmmm
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  9. Same issues. Canada.
  10. Arnie


    I had same outage, but now working. I'm in VA.
    #10     Nov 30, 2020