IBKR Managed Securities Every Day Activity

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  1. Every day I see activity such as:

    2208 2021-06-17 Loan Return Allocation SLB.61213300 6,445 -87,297.52
    2208 2021-06-17 New Loan Allocation SLB.61242896 -6,421 85,354.35

    Does it mean that the lender each day returns the loan and makes the new loan? What could be the reason he does it?

    Does this suggest someone is using this for daily trading (selling every day and buying every day)? Or it suggests something else?

    This instrument I have lent for a longer period of time (3M+). I'd like to know if this lending information can be useful in knowing when to buy more.

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    just means how many shares are being lent out in which you will receive SYEP payment. It varies as the numbers on the other side trade as clients buy/sell