IBKR Lite now has access to TWS

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  1. Didn't notice this before. Appears lite users can use trader work station.
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    Does this imply API as well?
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    i doubt but wish
  4. How/where are you seeing this?

    Cause if this is the case then pro users should have the option to use the zero commission trading routes
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    I figured that they would eventually allow a commission-free routing alternative for pro users in order to compete with TD. However, once they do that, then there's not any reason to opt for Lite over Pro. So eventually maybe they just drop Lite and replace it with a commission-free routing option for stock orders below a certain size. Of course, then they would have to release new updates to remove the pointless marketing / branding that they recently added.
  6. IBKR Lite FAQ says:

    Will I be able to use TWS with an IBKR Lite account?

    Individual, joint, and IRA accounts using IBKR Lite can use the Trader Workstation (TWS) desktop platform. Clients of introducing brokers using IBKR Lite can also use the Trader Workstation. Trust accounts using IBKR Lite are not eligible to use the Trader Workstation.

    So is anyone with an IBKR Lite account going to use TWS?
  7. So remind me again benefits of having pro over lite then?
  8. interest being paid on idle cash and hopefully better execution
  9. Well unless you're a heavy hitter with shit ton of idle cash I imagine the no commissions would be more noticed (if actively trading I should say) and as for executions they still have to hit NBBO.

    ALSO... IBKR Lite users don't have to pay data fees either right?
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    PRO has api and FDIC insurance
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