IBKR is on the list

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dont, Sep 21, 2008.

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  2. All these 'traders' are complaining about the short selling ban .

    If you remember back to the week after Bear died, the rumormongering shorts, as opposed to legit shorts, went after Penson and MF Global. That would affect everybody.

    I see no other way to sort this mess out, get the rumor guys, start enforcing the rules already on the books. Otherwise, you could have the greatest ideas in the world, and you won't be able to execute the trade.

    These guys are ruthless, and you might feel differently if you were a victim. Then, it's too late.
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    Wasn't passing an opinion, just if theres a list I am glad IBKR is on it.
  4. Me too!!!! If you're money fails, you're out of business. I was just pointing out, when it happens to you, it tends to feel different.
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    Why isn't FCStone on the list? Every other financial and brokerage gets protected but not them?
  6. companies are still buttonholing the SEC to get on it.
  7. There are others, Tradestation (TRAD) didn't make the SEC 799 list.