IBKR green today

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  1. Dont say I didnt tell ya
  2. Earn is out. Check it out.
  3. Are you IB bashers listening to the CC or you just wallowing in ignorance as usual.
  4. just21


    I see their market makers cut their size due to insider trading. What are they saying on the call?
  5. TP says he's pissed at those crooks over in Germany.

    Who can blame him.

    You have to hope they get ruled against and have to return the $.
  6. Not a bad call, fielded some hard questions.

    Who didn't know market making in this day and age was a tough racket?
  7. rayl


    My favorite stat (though depressing as I clearly drag down the average):

    ~1000 accounts signed up for portfolio margining, and I think I heard approx 150MM from the CFO but TP backed off and said over 100MM under PM.

    THe one bit of Q3 data leaked.... 2 hedge funds signed up for Prime, with a pipeline of 10 so conversions expected. (Well, the 2 signed up may have been Q2 but the pipeline sounded like a leak as TP stopped himself.)

    And of course, my favorite comment from TP: he's never been to Vegas... he's a programmer and not a gambler.

  8. Another winner for 777. My Fan club must be thrilled. Whats it now, 99%?

    And I called BX a Bagstone on Day 1.

    Easy Game
  9. +5% since yest buy op.
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