IBKR down the tube

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by heilbronner1, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Oh dear, IMHO there is a problem with IB, take a look at the chart.

    Almost everybody who bought this stock in now pissed off. whether an IPO is successful right from the start or never.
  2. just21


    Insider trading is causing a dip in market making profits.
  3. The problem is all brokers are getting nailed large.
  4. What a **** stock.
  5. wave


    In 3 months, many IBKR holders will be happily rewarded.
  6. Please explain ?

  7. Daal


    the financials are going down the drain latetly. dont take it personnaly shareholders
  8. At this rate of drop, it is going to be teen pretty soon.
  9. wave


    very possible 17 should hold it.
  10. Aisone


    If anyone knows, how is the p/e multiple compared to other online brokerages?
    #10     Jul 25, 2007