IBKR Delinquent SEC filings

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  1. My platform flagged the IBKR symbol today (at least, I noticed it today) for being "delinquent."

    I've never seen this before, did a quick web search and it appears IBKR has failed to properly file certain documents with the SEC and/or Nasdaq: https://listingcenter.nasdaqomx.com/assets/DelDefOpenReport.pdf

    "906" and "302" certification means that the CEO and CFO have failed to certify the company's financial reports as being truthful and accurate.

    It's mildly concerning to say the least that IB - which appears to be the only remaining trustworthy broker - is having compliance issues. Is this something to be worried about?
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    I think it is significant. Technical difficulties mean some bigger underlying problem and it is of concern for brokerage firm. PFG had technical difficulties for 20 years and it was possible to hide.
  4. lol to PFG. A two-bit non-clearing FCM vs. a publicly-traded equity B/D and clearing FCM. If we want your opinion we'll give it to you.
  5. You mean like MF Global?
  6. OMG I am getting my money out NOW.. or maybe???????:confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. wtf is wrong with you people. Calm the fuck down. If you are that worried, you are in the wrong business.
  8. No, like Ford Motor. Wal-Mart. McDonalds. Are you suggesting that Peterffy is long billions in Sov debt? And I didn't realize that MF was an equity B/D... that's a new one. They don't take prop-bets. Let me know when you have a point.
  9. Pikers wish they had any money to lose.
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    why worry? open another account short the stock and/ or buy puts. at least that way if u are right u will get paid for your concerns.
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