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    So I have a technical question related to the settings Prefer Smart - No default destination that can be found in the configuration settings:

    Ib custumer support mentioned that this setting should make no difference when US futures are traded and that answer seems to make sense. Is this your feeling as well? Does Smart setting impact in any way futures traded in the US?

    I also have a question that I would like to ask to those more experienced involved in the futures trading better if in the meat compartment:

    So I have a system that trade the lean hogs market and that is quite critical to sort it out. It submits a stop order immediately after the market open. I have traded before in TS and long story short I have switched few months ago to IB because the slippage was horrendous. Ib is better but still I am trying to understand if what I get with the current settings is normal or something is wrong.

    So I'll get an average of 5/6 tick slippage at the entry placed at the open with a couple of contracts. Do You think is something to be expected considering my situation? My server is at 2 ms from the data provider and Ib server.

    Also the state pre/submitted state I am getting for LH:

    08:30:00:092 - Presubmitted
    08:30:03:477 - Submitted

    while For ES is ~300 ms (not at the open)
    That is 3 sec and half! Is that normal? I was thinking and I have used in the past a delayer of a couple of seconds before submitting the order and getting most of the time the rebound. Problem is that certain days when market abruptly move then I can get dozen ticks of slippage makes the idea of a delayer probably useless.
    System is profitable with a couple of ticks per side (where exits max get 1 tick or 0) but my average per trade currently stand closer to 3 tick per sides. If someone would like to discuss this matter even privately I am interested.

  2. Have you tried to repeat submitting the stop order a bit later? For example 30 minutes after market start? It could be that the response is faster (not 3.5 seconds) when you wait until the initial minutes of trading have passed.
  3. TommyR


    they are a bunch of fucking cunts. they show millisecond snapshots of some market which has no relation to any price the other person wants to trade at. grow the fuck up what so they are there to help you?
  4. Collagen


    In my experience IB costumer support quality change a lot in relation to the time You reach them. For instance, overnight when You get in touch with HK is the best. People knowledgeable, patient and fast to reach You. Europe mixed feeling. Italy was good I would say, London so and so with the guy was suggesting I should go with their server in HK after repeatedly mentioned I have a co-located server in a data center in NJ. US costumer care is like flip a fake coin where support is most of the time bad.

    Regarging LH I have decided to throw in the towel and move on the next. Hobbytrading thank You for the comment but exits are fine with adaptive orders the entries are the issue here. Since I do not have any control on that and I feel I have already done everything in my power to try limiting the slippage insisting is probably a waste of time. If I had another infrastructure I would probably try once again though. Nice lesson and thank You for Your time.
  5. I avoid trading at the open as it will be very busy at the exchange to get all accumulated trades executed.
    Good luck to you.