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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trend_guy, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. Does anybody use this website? Is it of any value?

    Please PM me your opinions
  2. nobody uses IBD?
  3. Here is a trick I know that is sometimes helpful The best thing about that website is the stock doctor thing they have that gives a diagnosis for each stock. One of the things it lists is it's competitors.

    In the past if a stock blasts off on news or is getting smoked and I don't know what other stock is correlated with it, sometimes having that website up is helpful because you can plug in the ticker that is falling or part or zooming and find the "sympathy play".

    It's kind of the "poor man" stock correlator....so be careful they don't always work out but that had helped me before.

    Best feature of the website IMO.

  4. I like it. I like the CANSLIM method. I like the doctor's checkup. I subscribe.

  5. IB has a great site and a great daily paper. I study the Big Picture section to get a feel for the market and what it might do over the next week or so. They were talking about an oversold bottom condition a few days before the October bottom. Sadly I didn't take any positions to profit from this. I listen to them now though, especially since I have been focusing on options and taking longer term moves versus trying to day trade.
  6. I subscribe to IBD, and I have found the web site to be useful for stock check-ups (if you're into long term holds), and you can get a fill for accumulation and distribution. All and all, though, I find it's really not that helpful for me to day trade with.