IBD's poll is the most accurate?

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  1. I think maybe IBD and Zogby are the most accurate. Zogby got things wrong just before the '04 election though..
  2. Obama will squeak by. Why? Base is energized, blacks will come out and vote in numbers never before seen. We already out register republicans in many states if those people turn out it is game set match.

    People who vote for McCain are really voting against Obama while people who vote for Obama vote for Obama.

    That being said, I think Pennsylvania is blue, Ohio is Red, and Florida is red. Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico should go as planned. If that occurs McBush is done.
  3. So, you want to join the 'Bro vote?
    Great future. 'Bros have done great things for America, filled our prisons and stole our hubcaps.
  4. No I guess it is better to join the creature of utter mediocrity who married into money (and his wife inherited it) who is dumb as a bag of rocks, who is volatile and old as dirt. You have to be an imbecile to vote for McCain.
  5. tell us how you really feel :D
  6. Problem is, some of the people here don't think there is a difference between Obama and this guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpocrqvP2Yg) Obama is black and educated. Just as I would not vote for Kevin Federline I would not vote for P Diddy or 50 cent. It is not about race but what is inside somebody's head.
  7. =========================
    Talk show host on PBS TV McLaughlin group noted it also.

    And IBD is much more of a truth teller when it comes to news;
    so its polls may be better.

    One would have to like observations of the blind

    :cool: ;
    to ignore the outright lies [for decades ],
    of CBS,NBC,ABC,Washington Post......Why should we believe thier polls?????????????????????????????????????????

    Think Senator McCain, Senator B Hussein are both wrong on so called ''global warming'';but Gov Sara Palin is right to sue the feds on the related [climate change[ matter, interfefence with polar bears.

    The founder of the weather channel noted the temp last year[2007] erased all the slight warming averages for the past 25 years:D No wonder he said Algore should be sued:cool:

    Actually I am concerned about the judgement of God[on America] even if the Senator Mccain /Sarah win & i hope they do;
    because it looks like abot 37% or 40% plus are voting for a baby Butcher,
    God mocking.
    serial liar /tax raiser like Senator B Hussein.

    Wost case scenerio, B Hussein has the back bone of a jelly fish;
    & God controls the tides, i saw him back off some when Maria B, oc CNBC said incrediously ''You would raise taxes in a recession?''

  8. and..... blacks are voting for Obama and not against McCain... LOL..
  9. Joke is on you. Maybe blacks don't want to die in a "100 years in Iraq" dont want tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent and don't believe that rich is earning more than 5 million a year(and they dont believe fundamentals of the economy are strong). There are legitimate reasons to vote for Obama such as:

    Not being a cheerleader for the war in Iraq which was a mistake
    Excellent education background
    Even temper
    Support of Roe v Wade
    Not being a pawn of Big Oil and Big military.

    I could go on and on but those are the biggies. It is a myth that blacks were in the tank for Obama from the get go. During the primaries, initially it was the liberals and the youth vote that carried him. Not until some misstatements by Hillary and Bill Clinton did the black community join in. Blacks are traditional democrats, why should they vote for McCain?
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