IBD turns completely bearish

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    Investor's Business daily:

    "The market stumbled into a correction last week, signaling investors to look for exits, move into cash and wait for more favorable conditions.

    The "no-buy" situation also means no charts in today's IBD 100 bear heavy borders. This symbol for leading stocks near buy points has no practical use when the market is trending lower.

    No matter how promising, stocks face high risk when the broad market is in a correction. "

  2. Interesting. I enjoy reading IBD and O'Neil sometimes, but I've never used CANSLIM and never really bought into their whole (rather discretionary) market timing approach.

    I wonder how long it's been since they've been this bearish? Did they sidestep any/all of 2000-2002 and get back in during 2003? Anyone know?
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    who cares what IBD says
  4. Just a few billion in old money liquidating.
  5. They were all cash/money market then. They tried to establish a small position to 'test the waters' but exited and remained cash, to the best of my knowledge, until 2003.

    I don't use IBD but did years ago and I know the influence O'Neil has on some very deep pockets.
  6. I had read but never verified that IBD has subscriptions available to mutual funds that are over $250 per year. Very comprehensive screens re charts and proprietary ratings.
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    o'neil and IBD's stuff tends to be some of the best out there.
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    hah, of course they mention this after the dow goes from 14k to 12750.

    Thanks IBD.

    :D :D :D :D
  9. Not sure about your methodology, but IBD is reading and reacting to the markets movements. Why would anyone with a brain be bearish at 14k? IBD gets bearish when the market tells them to.
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    SP500 around 1250 is on course.
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