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  1. I was wondering what traders consider better for actual trading purposes. Which one helps with stocks, commodities and options. Keeps all relevant news up to date etc. Also if you use one do you use the electronic one or the paper copy. Also if you have any method of using it or scanning through it , then that would also be cool.
    I personally like the IBD (ivnestors business daily). Have only used the paper copy, but have not used it for awhile now. Most traders I know use IBD and sometimes Barrons on the weekend. But, it seems most investors (or people who buy and hold) use the Wall Street Journal more.
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    IBD has o'neils tip on page 1, and the coverage of the entire indices (inside page A something), along with the disctribution / accumulation ratings and others of each individual stock. that is so much better than anything the journal does *for stock trading*.

    for articles, the WSJ is much better. their reporters tend to get beneath mainstream reporting and give lots of details on things - my test was for sports and entertainment (which i had significant 'real' contacts on), and the wsj would get lots of details mainstream pubs couldn't dream of.

    my one major drawback of IBD is that their ultra-conservative viewpoints come through on the editorials and cloud some of their conclusions. though the journal is more conservative on things, they tend to present both sides, pluses and minuses, but favoring slightly the one side. that's fine.

    so, for trading? get IBD, and black out the editorial page.
  3. oneil is on cnnfn right now
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    Thanks for the info. I just caught the last of the O'Neil segment on CNNfn.