"IBCharts" for IB TWS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kicking, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Anyone using these guys? The website it says it stores data, how many days? Can you display historical data too?
    And is it safe to use that piece of software in conjunctionwith an IB account?

  2. 0008


    Does IB have historical data we can retrieve?
  3. not that I know of that's why I am asking. I would like to know if that software can display daily data too, assuming you collect data long enough to allow it.

  4. QuoteTracker stores 10 days of data from IB feed. Apparently they are looking to add more. Works great.
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    If you TWS disconnected (it happens all the time) then you would lose some data. Until IB has historical data, I don't think this software is useful.
  6. frostee


    For 'free' users, quotetracker stores about 2 days...
  7. frostee


    I've been using it on and off since around the beginning
    of the year. It's a very decent application, completely
    free, and pretty flexible. I tend to use it to collect the
    more obscure symbols that I get from TWS and I don't
    want to pay qcharts ( my backup data source ) the
    added exchage fees. It does not have tick charts, but
    has a large number of sub- one minute timeframes, if
    you find that useful; I do. Otherwise, it is a pretty
    normal charting application that collects data from TWS.

    There are no potential security issues that I can
    determine. Since it connects a socket to TWS,
    and draws data, I believe the connection is one-way
    only and so there should be no cause for concern.

    The application does store data, theoretically unlimited
    time, although there are some settings in the options
    dialogue that define the maximum database size, to
    keep it from taking over your HD. I don't recall how
    large I set my maximum, but my database for several
    months is about 9MB. One caveat tho, is that I have
    had a few database blowups, which does not lose
    anything inside the program setup, but apparently the
    database becomes corrupted and just flushes. So, I
    get to start over; not really a huge deal for me, and
    I have not heard anyone else mention this issue, so
    maybe it's just me.

    There is no option for historical data - the data is purely
    collected from TWS. I have a pretty good connection
    and TWS drops are rare, so this works pretty well for

  8. frostee,

    so you mean if you run IBCharts for 3 months everyday then you can get a 3 month real time daily chart? gosh I am so cheap just to think about that huh?!:) Does this thing convert the intraday data in daily OHLC?
  9. frostee


    The program captures essentially every tick that TWS
    produces, and the viewable timeframes span from
    1 second to 1 day, with logical choices available.
    So yes, it will produce 1 hour or 4 hour or 1 day charts
    from the data it collects.